We Care About

Our Environment, Our Customers, Our Employees & Community

We Care About

Our Environment, Customers, Employees, and Community

We value the ocean, environment, employees, and communities where we operate. We are committed to protecting our natural resources and providing the highest quality products to our consumers.

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Our Environment

That is why we are Dolphin Safe certified, and coordinate with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to ensure the long-term sustainability of our fishery. In addition, we have been recognized as an active participant in the global initiative towards Tuna sustainability.

Our Customers

All Wild Side Meals contain a scannable QR code that will allow our customers insight into the origin and safe handling of the product purchased. We provide full transparency on sustainability and traceability.

Our Employees & Community

Afritex takes the responsibility of the impact we have on society very seriously. To fully meet our social responsibility goals, we have processes in place to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights, and consumer concerns into our business operations. Our processing facility in Mozambique holds a Grade A Certificate from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) under the Food Standards Sector.

Over and above our certifications, we are actively involved with various local charitable organizations in each of the regions we are established in to provide by-catch fish, free of charge, in order to feed those in need with a food source high in protein and nutritional value.